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Reported on:
18. January 2018 - 12:30

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A family-friendly company

In April 2014 the company JP VODOVOD-KANALIZACIJA d.o.o. received the basic Family-Friendly Company certificate, thereby joining more than 190 socially responsible Slovenian companies and organisations already included in the certification project.

The certificate is awarded by the non-profit non-governmental organisation Ekvilib Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

In addition to the measures already being implemented at the company, to make it easier to coordinate work and family life for employed parents we have added the following measures:

  • Working hours to suit stages in life,

  • Child hours bonus – starting nursery school and primary school and secondary school open days,

  • Planning annual leave,

  • Additional days of absence with pay in lieu for family emergencies,

  • A team for coordinating work and family life,

  • Communication with employees,

  • Communication with the general public,

  • Employee surveys of work/family coordination,

  • The philosophy and principles of management,

  • Educating managers in the area of balancing work and family,

  • Corporate volunteering,

  • Advertising equal opportunities,

  • Children at the company,

  • New Year gifts for children.

Managers are guiding employees under the following management principles:

  • Favourable treatment of families and equal treatment of women and men are the primary elements of the principles and strategy of management and of the values and philosophy of company operations.

  • Management is regarded in the company in part as a service for employees. The management methods accommodate the interests of employees, where account is taken of balancing professional and family obligations.

  • Through their actions, company managers support the family-friendly human resources policy and they also live in a way that illustrates the compatibility of work and family.

  • Company managers function as intermediaries between the demands of the company and the family needs of employees. They try to coordinate productively the interests of the company and employees.