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21. October 2016 - 18:00

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Drinking water supply

We operate the central drinking water supply system, which also extends beyond the city municipality’s borders.

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Drinking water fountaines-mobile

Application determines your current location and helps you find the nearest drinking water fountain.

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Drainage and treatment of waste water

To reduce the human impact on the environment, influence the safety and quality of the living environment, and decrease risks that might threaten the health.

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WWTP Ljubljana

WWTP Ljubljana is a single-stage mechanical and biological treatment plant.

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Quality management systems

We perform our activities according to the demands of ISO standards.

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It started at the time of the Roman Emona.

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Water is our responsibility. We supply drinking water to users through a modern water supply system according to the legislation and the latest supply standards. The municipal waste water treatment plants operate based on the latest mechanical and biological procedures for removing mechanical impurities, organic nutrients and nitrification. In this way we achieve the prescribed limit values of waste water parameters before being discharged into the environment.

Javni holding Ljubljana

Providing services to ensure a regular supply to our customers.


Energetika Ljubljana

Remote supply of heat (hot water and steam), cooling and natural gas.


Ljubljanski potniški promet

Providing safe, reliable and smooth-running public transport.



Collecting and removing all types of waste, depositing waste remains and cleaning roads, streets and markets.


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